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Community Guidelines

Hate, Harassment, Violence

It is important to remember to respect everyone in our community, regardless of their race, social status, etc. Harassment, bullying and violence is unacceptable in this community. Users and groups that promote violence or that incite hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

Authentic Content

Always follow the guidelines set by our community and make sure to post authentic content that is relevant to the group. For example, don’t post spam or other manipulative content, and don’t disrupt the community with things like voter fraud, spamming…etc.


Respect other people’s privacy. For example, do not share information with others that is private or intimate in nature without first asking for their permission to do so. This includes material such as (but not limited to) sexually explicit content that should never be shared or distributed without the consent of the person(s) involved.

Children and Minors’ Safety

DO NOT post or encourage the posting of sexual or suggestive content involving children or minors.


Ensuring an enjoyable and consistent experience on UCONVO is our top priority – that’s why we enforce guidelines and monitor community usage so closely. Every piece of content or activity that doesn’t follow the rules is reported to our team at every turn. Especially content that is graphic, sexually-explicit, or offensive.

Keep It Legal

To keep your account safe, FOLLOW the law! You can’t post illegal content, or ask for or facilitate illegal transactions on this website.

UCONVO’s Reasons

DO NOT break the site main reason. UCONVO is made to support and be a place for all seculars every where. Don’t do anything that interferes with the main reason of UCONVO.

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